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Corporate Alumni Vendors are service providers that deliver a platform, technology or service to enable organizations to manage, engage and maintain a relationship with their former employer.

An Enterprise Alumni Platform integrates and extends existing HR Suite Products to provide a seamless experience for departing employees.

What Is A Corporate Alumni Platform?

A Corporate Alumni Platform is a technology service provided to companies for the purpose of managing, engaging and maintaining a relationship with former employees. Corporate Alumni Platforms normally come in the following forms:

SaaS Vendors – ATS Alumni Extensions – Custom Website Vendors – Build Vendors

SaaS Alumni Platform Vendors

A SaaS Corporate Alumni Platform vendor enables organizations to deploy, manage and configure their solution in a pure SaaS environment. Implementation can be provided by the vendor, by the customer or by a certified partner. A SaaS Alumni Platform enables 100% of the design, configuration, intelligence and automations to be completed directly inside the platform.

The advantage of a SaaS Alumni Platform is the ability to move faster, iterate constantly and not be delayed or dependent on the “engineering team” or resource constraints of the vendor. The less custom engineering required to launch and deploy your Alumni Platform the more agile your community can be.

ServiceNow - Alumni Service Center


ASC is automatically entitled on all sub-prod instances, all ServiceNow instances and all ServiceNow developer portal instances.

Provide a centralized hub for your former and furloughed employees to stay connected and engaged with your organization. 

Expand your talent pool, activate alumni activities, and enhance your company’s brand as a great place to work with the Alumni Service Center. 


AlumniEX - Corporate Alumni Experience Platform


AlumniEX is the led by the foremost thought leaders in the Alumni Management & Engagement space and author of The Alumni Advantage the go to playbook for organizations looking to successfully engage their former employees.

The platform is highlighted by its leverage of AI to automatically understand and make recommendations for the platform and the community based on the user activity combined with deep BI to understand the nature, health and opportunities inside your community.


Custom Alumni Website Vendors

A Custom Alumni Website Vendor is one where the solution is semi-SaaS – enabling customers to update or configure limited functions within the application, however a majority of the changes, page designs, logic, automations and other features require Support/Service Tickets with the vendor undertaking custom engineering work.

Custom Alumni Website Vendors generally take an extended period to launch and configure your Alumni Platform requiring project plans, engineering tickets and where your platform launch or adjustment is based on the vendors engineering and release process.

Custom Alumni Websites are most ideal for customers who have deep configuration requirements and are willing to forgo speed & innovation. Engineering resources are generally tied to customer deployments vs feature development.

For companies evaluating a semi-SaaS solution it is advisable to ask for access to a sandbox account prior to contract, vendors that do not provide such access normally do not have accelerated capability to “launch” a new instance for a potential customer to explore. In addition such vendors rarely want companies to know what configurations can be managed in the application vs requiring a support ticket.


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EnterpriseAlumni – Corporate Alumni Platform was a notable competitor in the Alumni Management space. The Founder, Product Architect and founding CTO are no longer with the organization.



The PeoplePath Alumni Platform is founded by the original team that built and launched the Microsoft Alumni Network. PeoplePath maintain a strong position in the SMB Alumni Market.

Education Alumni Vendors


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