Notable Customers: Barclays, Adidas, Deloitte, Shell, AT&T

At Avature, we believe that CRM is not just about sourcing or feeding candidates into your ATS. A CRM is where meaningful relationships with your future employees are nurtured. This is why Avature is the only comprehensive recruiting CRM that focuses not only on sourcing but also on the other two vital pillars of candidate relationship management: attracting and engaging critical talent ahead of business demand.

Sourcing, attracting, assessing, hiring and retaining the absolute best people have never been more crucial to organizations. Technological innovation continues to disrupt industries on a massive scale with no signs of slowing down, and coupled with a global skills shortage predicted by 2020, particularly from university graduates, it is going to become increasingly important to change the way we attract and retain the next generation of talent.

Tomorrow’s talent demands a different type of candidate experience: graduates want to connect with real people, experience the authenticity of a brand, delve into company culture, all before they even consider applying. They pursue organizations that have similar beliefs and goals, seek greater fulfillment and work-life balance, and ultimately seek an organization in which they can grow.


Unlike most CRM tools, Avature gives you full control over the design of your workflows and data model. Avature can be configured to support your unique business processes based on region, job types, or departments and can be optimized over time to meet your changing needs.

By using Avature CRM advanced search string library and robust WebSources interface, you can simultaneously search across several sites from one place and massively import leads to the platform – this is vital for high-volume sourcing.

Customizable Landing Pages & Microsites

Highly configurable and mobile optimized, our landing pages and microsites fully support your employer brand and let you manage targeted content for your various recruiting initiatives – such as veterans, internships, and executives.

Email Marketing

Avature lets you build, share, reuse, and manage a library of fully branded and customizable email templates. They can be combined with fine-tuned segmentation for highly relevant campaigns that keep your candidates engaged until the time is right for you and them. Leverage Avature A/B testing capabilities as well as opened, clicked-through, bounced, and unsubscribed rates to fully understand what kind of messaging works best for each of your segments.

Social Reach

With Avature CRM you can boost the exposure of your campaigns by posting your landing pages and job openings on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or even embedding your sites in your company’s Facebook page. You can then keep track of visits and registration coming from each of your postings through built-in campaign analytics.