With Salesforce Alumni you get two products in one: Salesforce Customer Relationship Management software—celebrated by Forbes Magazine as the most innovative in the world—and flexible, intuitive Alumni Management Software backed by first-class customer assistance. Now you can get all the vital information your staff and your alumni need fast, wherever they go. Staff members can view their whole day at a glance from any internet connected device. Your executive team can drive quicker decisions with real-time data from dashboards and custom reports. And alumni can see their profile, groups, and community tools on-the-go.

Complex alumni management made easy, world-class customer support, built on the most innovative platform in the world with free upgrades 3 times a year.

Your staff will love working with Salesforce Alumni because of its ease of use and its built-in automation. And your alumni will be impressed because  your new community will remind them of the consumer applications they use every day.



Easy-to-use event management module eliminates costly 3rd-party solutions and ensures all alumni data resides in a single environment. Create and manage free or paid events, multiple registration types, sessions, sponsorship, and exhibitors, and view attendee information all in one place; resulting in staff efficiency and enhanced reporting.

Online social communities where alumni can easily find, engage and collaborate with other alumni and with your organization